Book Playlists: An Abundance of Katherines (John Green)

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to work on a new series: playlists based on books/book characters! Today I’m going to be sharing my An Abundance of Katherines inspired playlist. It kinda has an indie/electronic vibe. I’m also trying something out where this post will have no explanations for each song, and my next post in the…… Continue reading Book Playlists: An Abundance of Katherines (John Green)

Review: Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono

Toundi Ondoua, the rural African protagonist of Houseboy, encounters a world of prisms that cast beautiful but unobtainable glimmers, especially for a black youth in colonial Cameroon. Houseboy, written in the form of Toundi’s captivating diary and translated from the original French, discloses his awe of the white world and a web of unpredictable experiences.…… Continue reading Review: Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono

Movie Review: Little Women (2019)

(I wrote this review over a month ago, oh my god. Also sorry about not posting yesterday! Time got away from me šŸ˜› ) It is, to those who know me, a well-known fact that IĀ loveĀ Little Women. As a child, I would read my copy (it’s enormous) over and over and over andĀ over. I’ve read…… Continue reading Movie Review: Little Women (2019)

The Best Book Boyfriends

I’m back with another Valentine’s post: book boyfriends! Levi from Fangirl Levi is, in my opinion, THE book boyfriend. He’s sweet, kind, funny, responsible, and he and Cath are justĀ so cuteĀ and even when he screws up he’s just…..Levi? A megawatt smile in human form? He’s the whole package. Plus, Rowell is, as I’ve said a…… Continue reading The Best Book Boyfriends

(Valentine’s) Gifts for a Booklover

Valentine’s Day, my favorite corporate holiday, is coming up! I am fully aware that it’s a cash grab by corporations, and I DO NOT CARE. I love love. My boyfriend is ambivalent about Valentine’s Day, but he goes along with whatever I plan šŸ™‚ If you’re in the market for getting your special someone a…… Continue reading (Valentine’s) Gifts for a Booklover

My Books for College (Spring 2020)

Hi-ho everyone, and welcome to another post about books I have to have for my college classes! For those of you who are new here, welcome. My name is Edith-Marie Green, I’m a freshman in college in Mississippi, majoring in international studies and minoring in German, history, and religious studies. This semester I’m taking 19…… Continue reading My Books for College (Spring 2020)

Some Really Great Romance Books

As Valentine’s is coming up, and I’m a big fan of that holiday, I thought I would do a few romance-ish posts, and here’s one of them: romance books that are just grand! Hopefully this puts you in the Valentine’s spirit (ignore the corporate-ness) šŸ™‚ Outside, Anika Dragomir is all lip gloss and blond hairā€”the…… Continue reading Some Really Great Romance Books

February 2020 Bullet Journal Layout

Hiya, folks! That’s right–another month, another bujo layout for you to look at. It’s hard to believe that I’ve now been bullet journaling for OVER A YEAR–I think my current notebook only has one month left in it (!!!!). January’s layout was warm and cozy, and I decided I wanted February to channel Valentine’s Day…… Continue reading February 2020 Bullet Journal Layout

Why You Should Watch Dead Poet’s Society (I guess this is kind of a review?)

Recently (or maybe not yet, depending on when things get posted), I wrote a post about movies I want to watch/rewatch in 2020, and Dead Poet’s Society was one of those. This 1989 film, starring the one and only Robin Williams (God rest his beautiful soul), is one of my top picks of all time.…… Continue reading Why You Should Watch Dead Poet’s Society (I guess this is kind of a review?)

Tips for Reading Academic/Scholarly Articles

If you are, like me, in college, or you’re in high school and you’ve gone to one of those library meetings you do every year with your English teacher where they show you how to find scholarly articles using the library database (please tell me if you went to high school in the States and…… Continue reading Tips for Reading Academic/Scholarly Articles