Why I Love Matthew Desmond

So, if you watched any of my YouTube videos back when my channel was still running, then you may remember my review of Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond, a Princeton sociologist. Anyways, the man himself was the speaker at the general convocation for the university, so of course I… Continue reading Why I Love Matthew Desmond

Bullet Journal Update September 2019

Happy Friday and hello new bullet journal spread! Sorry that this one is a little bit belated–September really started to get ahead of me, haha. If you want to see my August layout, you can here 🙂 This month’s theme is focused around “soft” fall tones like green, orange, and yellow. I started off with… Continue reading Bullet Journal Update September 2019

Here are my College Textbooks! (Fall 2019)

As some of y’all may remember, I recently started college, so I thought I would share my textbooks for this semester! First up, this beauty. I took astrophysics in high school, so I am very pumped to be in astronomy, and the cover of this textbook is gorgeous. If it looks beat up, it is–it’s… Continue reading Here are my College Textbooks! (Fall 2019)

A Review of the First Week of College

Hi all! First, I know I said no more videos, but this doesn’t really count. Watch it anyways. For those who are new here, hi! My name is Edith-Marie, and I just finished my first week ever of college. I’m an international studies major in the honors college at the University of Mississippi. There was… Continue reading A Review of the First Week of College

Fountain Bookstore (Richmond, VA)

(My college move-in vlog is up on my channel!) So, those who watch the vlog will know that I went on a trip at the beginning of August to  Richmond, Virginia, and while I was there I visited two bookstores! Today I’m going to talk about the first one, Fountain Bookstore 🙂 Fountain Bookstore has… Continue reading Fountain Bookstore (Richmond, VA)